Construction Law

Our firm represents owners, contractors, construction managers, developers, design professionals, sureties, insurance companies, and suppliers in all aspects of the construction process.  This includes bidding, document preparation, contract negotiation and formation, contract performance, financing, warranty issues, litigation, mechanics and materialman's liens, claim resolution, and lobbying for legislation beneficial to the construction industry.  We have some of the most qualified professionals in the construction industry, and we are committed to your success.   

Contractor Licensing

We stay apprised of the licensing requirements for construction contractors and assist clients with all aspects of the licensing process.  We serve our clients by maximizing their bonding capacities through our knowledge of the industry and our long-standing relationships with numerous bonding companies.

Contract Formation and Negotiation

One of the foundations for a successful construction project is a well-written contract.  We assist clients in drafting and negotiating prime contracts and subcontracts that protect their interests.  Our attorneys are very familiar with contract clauses unique to construction projects including those concerning progress payments, retainage, pay-if-paid or pay-when-paid provisions, indemnification, insurance coverage, and dispute resolution procedures.  We can also help you create and utilize Building Information Modeling Agreements and Integrated Product Delivery Agreements, which are becoming more commonplace in the construction industry.      

Project Financing

We have the financial and legal knowledge as well as industry contacts to help our clients secure financing for construction projects.  Our professionals assist clients with real estate acquisitions, construction loans, and permanent financing.

Construction Litigation

We understand that construction projects do not always go as planned and there may arise a need for our clients to file or defend a construction lawsuit.  Because we know the construction business, we are more effective construction litigators.  Our litigation attorneys have experience handling jury trials in both federal and state courts as well as matters before private arbitrators.  We are well versed in issues that commonly arise inconstruction disputes such as delay damages, critical path analysis, design errors, differing site conditions, subcontractor defaults, and payment and cancellation issues.  Whether pursuing or defending a construction lawsuit, our litigation attorneys will help you analyze your goals and develop a strategy designed to obtain those goals.  Some cases deserve a final decision by a court or arbitrator, while other situations require settlement strategies that save time and money.  In either situation, our attorneys will utilize their knowledge of the construction industry to help you present your best case.      

Materialman's Liens

Our firm is very familiar with construction materialman's liens.  Whether you are a contractor, subcontractor, or a property owner, we can guide you through all the nuances of the materialman's lien laws.  Our attorneys have extensive experience filing, enforcing, and foreclosing materialman's liens.  We also have experience defending against the enforcement of materialman's liens when they are improperly filed on a project.  

Bond Claims

Some private construction projects and most public construction projects require a contractor to provide payment and performance bonds to ensure payment to subcontractors and material suppliers.  We are experienced with both federal and state statutes regulating bond claims.  If you need to file a claim against a bond or defend against a bond claim, our attorneys can help you.