Our firm has an excellent staff of litigation attorneys that handle various types of civil disputes in court, including but not limited to, complex commercial disputes, breach of contract, negligence, embezzlement, employee disputes, and shareholder disputes.  Our litigation attorneys represent both plaintiffs and defendants in every aspect of the litigation process from initial pleadings to trial.

We will help you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your case with your best interest at the forefront.  We will customize our litigation strategy to your specific needs and help you make sound business decisions at every milestone. One of the most important aspects of the litigation process is the discovery process. The opposing party may try to hide important information, but our attorneys will utilize the best discovery practices available to uncover the truth, including discovery of electronic documents and data.  Our litigation attorneys also have superb legal writing skills, and have a sound record of winning dispositive motions and appeals.   

We understand that, ultimately, some cases are best suited for settlement while others deserve a day in court.  When settlement is the best option, we will suggest effective alternative dispute resolution options and work to achieve the best settlement for you.  When a case needs to go to court, our litigators will develop and implement a trial strategy designed to obtain the best results possible.